Carpet Cleaning

Maintain Your Carpets. Protect Your Investment

We know your house is an important place where you spend a majority of your time and spend a substantial amount of your money into making it your home. One of our goals is to help you save money by maintaining your carpet, be it oriental or area rugs, and upholstery. Everything gets worn or dirty by kids, guests, or just use overtime. By a simple cleaning  you can deccerlerate the need for replacement, remove unwanted odors, and extract harmful illness causing bacteria while keeping your home guest ready. With over 10 years of experience, Kenneth Clark has helped families throughout the Portland and Vancouver area with their home maintenance needs. Your home should be a place of relaxation and comfort, and for that to happen it should be healthy, and clean.

Why Mr Steam is the Right Choice

To put it simply, we put a high importance on training which is also our largest expense. Every staff member gets an intensive pre-hire screening, they get professionally trained and receive continual training to insure high quality work and your happiness. We understand you are inviting us into your home to help maintain it and we want every encounter with us to leave you satisfied. This is the way we run our business and it is the reason our customers keep coming back.

Our 3 step process to making your home healthy and clean:
  • Call For An Appointment

Give us a call at +1 (503) 597-8326. We will answer all your questions and arrange an appointment to further discuss your specific cleaning needs.

  • Professional Cleaning

A professional will come to your home to help asses your cleaning needs. We let you know all the options with a written estimate, giving you the freedom to chose what works best for you before we start. From there we handle every aspect of the job so you don’t have to. Mr Steam Carpet Cleaning will give your home a new look, in just one day.

  • Follow Up

With the cleaning done and your home restored, we don’t stop there. Customer happiness is our top priority so we follow up to make sure you are throughly satisfied.


Our Method of Cleaning

Mr Steam Carpet Cleaning uses what is commonly known as steam cleaning but is also referred to as hot water extraction. We use environmentally friendly, kid safe solutions to help break up those tough stains and deep dirt. Emulsifiers help us break the water tension and our large truck mounted steam equipment let us get down deeper than our competition. If you have pets and they have accidents, enzymes and other solutions are used to encapsulate and remove those odorous stains. Whatever the stain, if it can come out, we will get it out.

Do you need to vacuum?

Light vacuuming is not needed before our arrival. Larger items should be cleared from the floor such as kids toys or other miscellaneous items. If vacuuming is needed its not a problem because our equipment pretty much sucks up everything.

Our Online Pricing Scale

Our pricing on our site is to give you a rough estimate. When we arrive at your home we do a measuring of your home to get the square footage and mostly bring down your original web estimate. Areas are based on a 300 square foot room size which is a 1520 foot space.

Time needed to Clean Your Carpets?

It typically takes around 20 minutes per room but it can vary depending on the soil level, how many floors you have in your home, and necessary cleaning treatments to get your carpets clean.

How Long Will It Take To Dry?

Dry times can greatly vary depending on the temperature, humidity, and how thick your pile in your carpet is. On a summer day with low humidity it can be 3 to 5 hours. Carpets should be completely dry same day. After cleaning it is safe to walk on your carpet but its recommended not to walk on it with street shoes as it might soil your carpets. Also please be careful when transitioning from wet carpet to potentially slick surfaces.

Will all spots and stains be removed?

We cannot guarantee that all the spots and stains will come out. The age and wear of the carpet plays a factor and some substances discolor carpet permanently. Our technicians will try to determine wether the stain can be removed prior to cleaning but it is not always possible.

Comparing Us With Our Competitors

There are many Carpet Cleaning methods out there but steam cleaning is the only recommended way by carpet manufacturers. Make sure when comparing services to ask a lot of questions. Our pricing system is very transparent with no hidden charges and includes any spot treating needed. We also have a ten day guarantee policy to make sure all are customers needs are met with satifaction. All our technicians have had a background check, drug tested, and properly trained to make you feel safe having us in your home.